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Crusades(The End)

 After the victory the Christians returned their countries. Before they left, they established new Christian countries in East. Also they established Kingdom of Jerusalem. After 50 years the Muslims decided to retake the places they lost. Especially the Turks wanted it. They tried to attack that new Christian countries. They wanted help from the Pope, so again they prepared new crusade army. This time many people didn't accept to join the army. They were tired and they weren't ready to take long ways, so this time the Christians were weaker.

The Christians planned to arrive Jerusalem, but this time they didn't do it. The Muslims were stronger and more ambitious. They got a victory, and they retook many of their old cities. That was dissappointment for Christians. After 40 years Muslims decided to retake Jerusalem. They collected many soldiers. This time Byzantine Empire was with them. They were uncomfortable from the pressure of the other European countries, so they made secret alliance wtih Muslims. This time Ayyubids were the strongest country in East. Saladin was the leader of the Muslims. He was great commander and leader. Richard I of England and Philip II of France commanded their armies very badly. They lost Jerusalem because of their mistakes.
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After that defeat Christians tried to attack Muslims again, but that time they had civil war between each other. They tried to arrange a new army, but these time they had problems about Constantinople, and they didn't go after that city. Even children joined the war, but that had terrible results. The Christians had plans to retake Jerusalem everytime, but they didn't do it anytime after they lost the city. After that wars the public understood one thing. The Pope and the rich people did everything for themselves. They understood many things after the Crusades. They didn't believe anybody. The Crusades are one of the biggest event in the World History.
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