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Crusades(The Events)

 In 1096 the crusade army gathered. They were strong enough to get a victory. In that army, there were Germans, Frenchs, Britishs, Byzantiums, Italians. There were nearly 40,000 people for crusade army. Pope Urban II was sure for victory. The Byzantine Empire had a fear. They didn't want to lose their order. because of that army. Many soldiers could stay in Byzantine Empire, because there was the reliable and close way to arrive Anatolia. They could create a big chaos in their country. They didn't give food and money to soldiers. They wanted to protect their places and money. Pope understood them, and they didn't give harm to anywhere in Byzantine Empire, and they arrived to Constantinople.

 The Turks in Anatolia was ready to defence. They did everything to protect the Muslims and their country. However the Christians were crowded. The Turks had stopped their power for a long time. The Christians arrived Antioch, the last point for Turks, in 1097. The won a big victory, but they didn't prepare easily to other wars, because they lost their power against to   Seljuq Turks.
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 In Summer 1098, they arranged their army in Antioch and moved to South. They fought against to Arabians. Abbasids were the strongest Arabian country in East, but they weren't blocking the Christians. They were really strong. In a year they arrived to Jerusalem, and in a month they conquered Jerusalem. The King Raymond gave permission to Arabians to leave the city. They didn't kill any soldiers after that, but some Muslims and Jews stayed in Jerusalem. The Christians killed that people to prove that they were the only owners of that city. That was an enormous victory for Christians. Their ambitious won all the wars. Everything was perfect for them. They got everything from East. They learnt big thing from East like science, medicine, culture and art. They really took important things after that war.

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