17 Nisan 2012 Salı

Siege of Vienna

 Sultan Suleiman I was the biggest emperor in the World in the beginnings of 1500's. He was the son of Selim I. He was conquering the everywhere. He came the last point in East. They had a big river after that point. There were no danger in East. In West the Empire was in the best point. They were planning to conquere Rome. They could arrive the England by this power. They started to call him as Suleiman the Magnificent.

The new target was Vienna. The west countries knew that Ottomans were strong and they could win a victory. Also they could continue their victories in West and they could conquere Rome. They had fear. They could be their last change, because Ottoman Empire could be the only country in West. They could be leadder of the World. West countries decided to combine their powers. The Ottoman Empire was sure about the victory. They believed that they could win the war. In September 1529, Ottoman Empire arrived to Vienna. The west countries were ready to fight. The weather was terrible. The snowing started. It was so strange. It began too early. Everything was against to Ottomans. The soldiers didn't fight because of the weather. Some of them get ilness and lost power. Sultan Suleiman decided to return, because they couldn't fight in that weather. They were weak, so they returned. That event was very important in history. That siege could change the World. Maybe Ottoman Empire could arrive to England. It was one of the important siege in the World History.

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