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Sultan Selim I

Sultan Selim was the 11th Ottoman Sultan. He was one of the most successful Sultan of Ottoman. With his leadership, Ottoman Empire became the only power in the Middle East. Sultan Selim was very aggressive and angry. His characteristics affected his life and his country. Maybe his ambition caused his death
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Sultan Selim was the son of Bayezid II and grandson of Mehmed II (Mehmed the Conquerer). He was borned in the North of Turkey. He had a normal childhood. As all the princes he spent his childhood far away from his family. In Ottoman Empire the young princes have to go to different cities because they have to learn how they could become a good emperor. His father Bayezid II decided to send Selim to Trabzon. Trabzon was very important city in Ottoman Empire at that time. It was near the Black Sea. Selim could learn everything in Trabzon. He started to work as governor of Trabzon. He learnt many things while he was doing his job. He learnt how he could manage the country, how he could fight, and he leant a lot of things about life. He had stayed in Trabzon for 29 years. He was very ambitious, and he thought that he was ready to control the throne. The janissaries, the Ottoman soldiers , supported him. His father wanted to leave his throne to his older son, but Selim didn't accept it. Finally he came to the capital Istanbul. He was so angry and he wanted his throne. Bayezid II didn't do anything to him. He accepted what he wanted, but he only wished one thing from Selim. He left the throne, after Selim accepted his father's wishes. Selim couldn't kill his brothers and his father. It was Bayezid's wishes, but Selim didn't listen to his father's wishes. He killed his brothers after his father left. His father was going to his hometown Edirne while Selim killed his brothers. Unhappily, he also planned his father's death. He gave a poison food to his father. Bayezid II died on the way. Sultan Selim was a big emperor. He fought against to Persians, he won big victories in East. He captured the religional places. He was in Holy lands. He was the new caliph of the Islam World. He was really good warrior and director, but he was a cruel. He killed many innocent people. He did many painful torture the public where he captured new lands. After years of he had a boil on his back, but he didn't know what it is. It was gave a pain to him. One day his vizier was with him. He wanted help from him. They tried to dissolve this problem, but they increased the illness. He got the skin cancer. He wanted to go Edirne to get healthy. However he died on the way, where his father died.
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