17 Nisan 2012 Salı

The First Defeat of Napoleon's Army

The last years of 1700's the Ottoman Empire started to lose power. They had chaos in country. They were trying to escape from the wars. They didn't want to fight, because they knew they could defeat. In that time Napoleon Bonaparte was the strongest emperor of the World. He was capturing many cities, countries. He wasn't defeating. He started to move along to East. He was attacking to Ottoman Empire's land. He was so strong, and the Ottomans were in their weak years. They didn't do anything to Napoleon.

Ottoman Empire decided to do something, because they could lose their all lands in East. They started to follow what they were doing in West. They watched what they had in their countries. Then the Ottoman Empire decided to take generals from the Europe. They prepared a new Ottoman Army. The Janissaries changed in all way. They weren't weak like the last years. They could defend their lands. Napoleon was in Egypt. He wanted to take control in Africa and in East. They wanted to be better than England. In 1798 Napoleon was in Acre. It was an Ottoman city in Jerusalem. Ottomans needed to defend the city. Because they wanted to show their new army and power. They didn't want to lose land in East anymore. The England's King decided to help to Ottomans, because Napoleon was a danger for them. Napoleon tried to capture Acre. The Ottomans and England army defended the city very well. New Ottoman Army was more strong. They were good. Napoleon couldn't accept the defaet, because he hadn't defeated. He accepted the defeat after a year. He was unhappy. He left the East after that war. Napoleon thought the Ottomans' religional beliefs won the victory. He thought he lost against to strong army and their beliefs. It was Napoleon first defeat. It was a huge victory for Ottoman Empire.File:Sir William Sidney Smith by John Eckstein.jpg

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